August 11, 2017

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If you are an existing SIAS member, please register here.

Our Range 

The South Island Action Shooters is a group that represents one of a number of shooting disciplines at the Victoria Fish and Game Protective Association. VFGPA is a non-profit society that is managed and run by member volunteers, we are located on 200 acres of forested land overlooking the Saanich Inlet on Malahat mountain, SIAS matches are shot at the multi-purpose range on the property. To find out more about the facilities, history and the mission of the VFGPA please visit:

“Waldo” the unofficial mascot of SIAS and resident llama of the multipurpose range at the VFGPA.

Getting Started for New Shooters

If you’re not a member of the VFGPA you will need to join to become a member of the South Island Action Shooters. You can find membership information here:

We do welcome members of other Clubs to come and shoot matches with us as guests on our beautiful property.

Are you already a member of the VFGPA? If so see below for an outline of what you need to do to come out and join us to shoot Action Pistol.

If you are a new shooter, our club has a set of introductory courses that can ease you into the sport; we start you out with our Handgun Essentials course, then our Holster Course, and then our SIAS Safety Course. These ‘stepped’ set of courses are fun, affordable, and will give you the confidence to participate in your first Action Pistol ‘club match’. From there, we encourage members to complete their ‘Black Badge’ course in order to compete in official IPSC matches.

If you are already proficient with a handgun, you probably don’t need the Handgun Essentials course. If you have other certifications or carry a handgun for work, you may not need the Holster Course. You will need the SIAS Safety Course or Black Badge in order to participate in our club matches.

You may register for the introductory courses at the VFGPA caretaker’s office. SIAS range safety courses are held from March through September. Please see the VFGPA event calendar for available course dates. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with range safety rules as well as our club rulebook linked below.

This is a sport we are really passionate about, and responsible shooters of all ages are welcomed.

Please email for more information.

SIAS Handgun Rulebook (PDF)
SIAS Range Safety Notes (PDF)


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