August 12, 2017

About Us

 The South Island Action Shooters (SIAS) focus on action pistol shooting in Victoria BC.  There are several organizations running Action Pistol matches on Vancouver Island; SIAS, ISL, and IPSC-BC.  Many of our club members participate in all three organizations.  At the Victoria Fish and Game (VFGPA), we host an average of six to ten SIAS club matches per year, two to three Independent Shooting League (ISL) matches, and two IPSC BC matches.  Matches are typically held on Sundays from March through September.

If you are a new shooter, our club has a set of introductory courses that can ease you into the sport;  we start you out with our Handgun Essentials course, then our Holster Course, and then our SIAS Safety Course.  These ‘stepped’ set of courses are fun, affordable, and will give you the confidence to participate in your first Action Pistol ‘club match’.  From there, we encourage members to complete their ‘Black Badge’ course in order to compete in official IPSC matches. 

There is always someone to talk to for support or information as members vary in age and skill.  Learn how to use your handgun safely and in a recreational atmosphere that will bring you together with others who enjoy the sportsmanship found in handgun ownership, action shooting, and competition.

For more information on joining our club, click here.

Photos courtesy of Qué Banh and Dasha Herman

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