September 3, 2017

Dryfire Target Generator

You can use this tool to create dryfire targets for practice. This will scale the targets to simulate real life distance in a smaller room. When you print the provided PDF, make sure “Fit to Page” is disabled, and use your print settings to scale the image to the calculated value. Please measure your printed target and compare to the “Dryfire target width” result to ensure accuracy. It’s a good idea to write the variables you used on the printed target for reference. Gun safety is always your own personal responsibility.

Printable Targets

If you have issues with print size or your printer cutting off the side of your targets, it may be helpful to print from Adobe Acrobat Reader.

IPSC Classic & Mini Target (PDF)

IPSC Popper and Mini Popper (PDF)

B-Zone Steel (PDF)

Round Steel Plate (PDF)


Target Size Calculator

Dryfire distance: feet

Simulated distance: yards

Target type:


Observed width: 0 MOA

Real target width: 0 cm

Dryfire target width: 0 cm

Print scale: 0%

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